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Netgear is a leading networking firm that supports both service providers and customers. In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the use of networking wireless routers to connect multiple online electronic devices to a single network. Wireless routers and modem gateways assist in connecting to the internet. These two devices serve as a human gateway to the internet. The advancement of technological networking equipment has provided the world with a plethora of new internet-based channels. The internet is quite vital in our lives. Routers allow us to link several devices to a single network in today’s world. In this article, we’ll fix the Netgear router not connecting to the internet.

Power Cycle To Netgear Router And Modem

Doing a Proper Restart Or Power Cycle of your Router and modem is Essential.

  • Restart Your Modem First Wait for One minute And then Restart Your Router.
  • Now Restart Your computer and all other devices at your home Like phone, kindle, tablet, etc.
  • Check Your Modem and router Light. See if your internet light is on and working. Try connecting to the internet using your Computer. If the Netgear router orange light is blinking then it’s time to try different ways of troubleshooting.

Check Netgear Router Default Settings Reset

When Power Cycling Doesn’t Work, Reset Your Netgear Wireless Router. To reset and reconfigure your Netgear router, please follow these procedures.

  • Look at the back of your router with a pen or a paperclip. Carefully press and hold the reset key for 30 seconds.
  • While holding the reset key, you may notice all of the lights on your Netgear router blinking together, indicating that it is being reset.
  • Please restart your Netgear router as well as your modem.
  • Please try setting up your Netgear router as if it were brand new after the reset.

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Netgear Wireless Router Setup and Configuration

  • Simply connect the WAN port of the Netgear router to the WAN port of the modem.
  • Using a wired or wireless connection, connect your computer or phone to the Netgear network.
  • As Default Gateway, open your Internet browser and type or
  • Alternatively, go to or
  • Now, to set up your Netgear Router, simply follow the instructions.
  • Check out our comprehensive guide on Netgear router setup and Netgear problems.

Still, having problems?

  • Those who are still having problems connecting to the internet with their Netgear router should look for additional in-depth troubleshooting. The problem may now be pinpointed solely to the router. Attempt some of the following:
  • Connect your laptop to your Netgear router via Ethernet wire to gain access to the network dashboard.
  • Perform a factory reset on your Netgear router and then reinstall it.
  • Examine your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and cable connections.
  • If your Netgear router is still not working, contact assistance. Check out some Netgear material for more help and support.

Contact Netgear Customer Support

The toll-free Netgear Technical Support Number +1 (844) 523 4438 is the most convenient approach to getting in touch. Before calling the Netgear Technical Support Team, you should have certain product information handy. Before checking into the problem, you’ll need the product’s serial number and model number. Following that, the Netgear customer service team will provide the best solutions for any problems with Netgear devices. At Netgear Technical Support Number, a well-experienced team will resolve all Netgear technical issues. The Netgear Customer Care service provider can help you with any problem you may have with your router, no matter how complicated it is. You can also visit them on: