Outlook Express Error Codes

After being abandoned by Microsoft, Outlook Express became even more unstable and errant. It is very common for its users to encounter error codes very often.
Using Outlook Express as the emailing Client can prove to be quite tricky at times. The frequent errors hamper the workflow and invite work-trouble which no one really wants to face.
To help you out, here is a list of some very common error codes and the key to fixing them. These are easy solutions that will enable you to fix outlook express error codes.

Outlook Express keeps Crashing:

The OE program has a tendency to freeze in the middle of sending an email. Even after clicking the send option several times, it suddenly stops responding. Once this specific malfunction occurs, it becomes more and more frequent. It might be caused by a program crash.
Solution:  here’s what to do if your Outlook express keeps crashing. To stop the frequent freezing of the program, you might try.

  • Updating Windows OS: Usually, after a new update, the security breaches are fixed and consequently stops the crashing issue. 
  • Using an Antivirus Program: Receiving a malicious file via email is a very common issue. In such cases make sure to run a powerful anti-virus scan to resolve the crashing issues.

Outlook Express Runtime Error 800ccc03:

Error code 800CCC03 pops out on the screen when the Outlook application fails or crashes.
This can happen due to virus infiltration, poor internet connectivity, or the deletion of registry files linked with Outlook Express. Sometimes, running an incompatible program alongside OE can lead to the error code 800ccc03.
Solution: to solve runtime errors, here are some remedies:

  • Re-installation of Runtime Libraries: This specific error code can occur due to the improper or partial installation of updates such as the MS Visual C++ package. 

By uninstalling and then reinstalling the current package, your problem might be resolved. 

  • Shut down conflicting Programs: In case there are two or more programs running the background, there is a strong possibility that the error is occurring due to the conflicting programs. It is important to stop them immediately and update them as soon as possible.

Outlook Express Error 0x800ccc0f:

In any issues concerning internet connectivity, this error occurs. In another scenario, when the Windows Firewall blocks Outlook Express this error pops up. 
Solution: it is very easy to resolve this simple issue.

  • Check Your Internet connection: Due to unstable or poor internet connection, this error is prompted. Please ensure that your internet connection is stable and working before getting into a frenzy. 
  • Disable Antivirus: in some cases, the installed antivirus programs stop incoming and outgoing services of other applications that lead to such errors. It is advised to disable any antivirus programme that’s running and check if the issue is solved. 

MAPI Error: 

This specific error occurs when users cannot import or export emails from OE to Outlook. 
Solution:  to resolve this error, follow the solutions listed below:

  •  Change MAPI settings: If Outlook Express is the default simple Client on your device, you need to disable it. Change the MAPI settings on your device. 
  • Delete Temporary Files: Due to these Temp system files, Outlook expresses becomes unresponsive at times or leads to the MAPI error. So it is better to delete all the temporary files associated with the Outlook Express Version. 

Errors regarding Sending/ receiving (Error 0x800C0133):
While attempting to send or receive emails in Outlook Express, sometimes users face this specific ‘Unknown error 0x800C0133’.
One of the main reasons for this error is corrupted and damaged DBX files stashed in the inbox. After this error prompts, it becomes impossible to download or send new emails from the application. Above all, the mails disappear. 
Solution: here are some simple methods as to what helps in resolving the error. 

  • Check DBX File: when this error occurs, the first thing that should be done is the inspection of your DBX file and check its size. If it exceeds the sending limit, try to create a new DBX file and move some other heavy mails to this new DBX file to free up some storage.


  • Repair Windows Registry: often the windows OS registry files get corrupted or missing. In such cases make sure to repair the Windows registry to get rid of the problem. 

The same email sent multiple times: 

Upon receiving or sending large sized email attachments, this problem prompts up. While it seems like the unsent email is still lying in the outbox, what has happened in fact is that the recipient has received multiple copies of your mail. Some common causes that can lead to such situations are- Exceeded DBX file size limit, anti-virus programs, conflicting applications, etc. 
Solutions: Here are solutions to how to solve the problem:

  • Stop running Anti-virus program: It is essential to stop your anti-virus program and check if the issue gets solved because sometimes if the emails are tracked by the antivirus program, they tend to repeat the sending process multiple times. 


  • Check mailbox limits: The Outlook Express mailbox has a certain limit of storing emails. When the inbox or sent items folder exceeds the limit, the application might go haywire and cause such problems. 

How to Stop all the error codes at once?

The best course to avoid Outlook Express related problem is to simply switch to another efficient mailing client such as Microsoft Outlook.
However, if circumstances persist one can use a DBX converter that allows Outlook Express files to be compatible with other email clients. This helps to convert Outlook Express files i.e. DBX files into other file formats such as PST, EML, MSG, and even MBOX.
Following this method, you can easily fix Outlook Express error codes. Some popular DBX converters are- Xtraxtor, Stellar DBX to PST converter, Zook DBX converter, etc. 
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