Arlo is a top home security camera brand in America. It stands among the top competitors in the smart home security domain. There are many features that Arlo provides. All these features add up to a great wireless security camera. Sometimes, users get an issue which is that the Arlo camera is offline when seen through the app. There are ways to fix this issue, from different perspectives. Here are a few ways how to fix the Arlo camera offline issue.

Fix for Arlo Camera Offline Issue

Many times, Users have complained that the Arlo camera is showing up as offline, in the mobile application. There are many reasons for this. A few probable ones could be network issues in that area, or glitch in the app, or sometimes a problematic or damaged camera battery. Sometimes it could be due to a network problem, and sometimes it could be an external climatic condition. In any case, here we will talk about all those probable situations in which the Arlo camera may appear to be offline. We shall also address the problems by discussing how to go about solving those problems specifically.

Check the Battery

To work with the batteries, first, remove the battery pack from the Arlo camera. Clean up the internal environment if there is any sort of dust. Just lightly clean up the battery with a dry cloth, and wait for a minute or two. Later, insert back the batteries into the camera.

Now, you have to check the blinking light on the camera. If the light is dimmed, or even if the LED light does not blink at all, it means that there is some form of problem with the battery set. In cases like this, you can immediately go for the option of battery replacement. Get a new pair of batteries and replace them in the place of the faulty ones in the camera. And double-check for the LED light once again to confirm the state of functionality.

The LED Light – Your Compass

The LED light on the camera surface is your compass to guide you. It lets you know whether there is an issue pertaining to any sort or not. And the color of the light also declares a specific sort of problem. So, wondering how to fix the Arlo camera offline issue. Just follow and check up on the light.

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Configure your Network strength

As mentioned earlier, if the light is not blinking or showing a yellowish color, there is a fault at the battery’s side. You can know that the camera is having a network connection issue if there is a sort of blueish shade on the LED light blinking. Maybe the camera is facing some technical glitch in connecting to the Wifi network at your home, or sometimes fails to connect to the cloud network.

In cases like these, you should be trying to reconfigure your network. Try restarting or rebooting the WiFi Modem first. Once it’s up and running, reconnect the camera to the right WiFi. Later, try to set the wifi source position at a place that’s nearby to the camera position. This will make sure the camera gets good signal strength and quality of internetwork so that it shall stay online always. If the WiFi issue pertains to other general devices in your home, you should consider changing the service provider, or try reconfiguring to a higher bandwidth range in GHz. Sometimes, removing obstructions in the path of the network source will help.

Reboot Arlo Camera

Maybe this offline issue is due to some software problem in the camera itself. Simple troubleshooting will solve this in most cases. Just remove the plug or battery, wait for half a minute, and reinsert or reconnect them back to the power source. This will restart the camera and solve the issue mostly. As we know, this method is applicable to any device. A simple reboot is all it takes to solve many problems in many cases. This provides a fresh reconfiguration process to the camera functionality and allows it to start properly and be online.

Check the Power Sources

Just have a look at the power sources for the camera. In cases of battery-based devices, just check if the battery is properly charged or not. In cases of wired devices, have a look at the power outlets. Sometimes, the plugs may not be fitting in completely into the sources or may have come off while moving around in the house. Ensure that there is a proper power supply and running source for the Arlo camera.

Reinstall the App

In a few cases, this issue may persist because of some problems in the mobile application itself. To solve these software glitches, simply uninstall the application and re-install it again. Or just go to the application’s settings and clear the cache from the interface. This will remove all unnecessary storage and processing and ensures the proper functioning of the app. Reinstalling applications, Clearing cache and storage is a common solution among many external devices like Arlo. Just perform the steps mentioned and see your issue get resolved quickly.

Contact the Arlo Support Team

Still unable to comprehend the situation and wondering how to fix the Arlo camera offline issue. You can reach out to Arlo’s support team for contacting them and asking for help. Mention and describe your problem in as much detail as possible, so that they can help you pinpoint the problem and address the valid solution for it.

Environmental Conditions

A few times, the camera would be placed in the wrong environment in difficult climatic surroundings. If the temperature measurement is too hot or cold, sometimes the camera automatically goes offline and the app just temporarily displays it as offline till the environment is in fine condition. Arlo is an outdoor camera and is designed to withstand all types of environments. However, there are always a few extreme outliers. Harsh conditions may sometimes prove to be difficult for the camera to work. This is when the camera automatically goes into the sleep mode on a temporary basis, and that’s also when the camera is displayed as offline on the app. So keep an eye out for this type of situation as well.

Damaged Camera

If none of the above-mentioned methods are working for you, then there is a high probability that your camera is not working because of some internal or external damage. Then the only solution is to contact the Arlo support team and go for a service repair or an exchange or a new device altogether. This simply means that the device you are using currently is damaged in some way, and that is the reason why you are unable to see the camera online on the mobile app.

The above are the many possible ways to solve your problem on how to fix the Arlo camera offline issue. Try all of them based on your results, and solve the offline issue. You do not have to be tense when this situation appears in your case. As mentioned already, this is a very common case among many users of Arlo cameras. Just go through the solutions mentioned above and solve your problem in a cool manner.

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