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Fubo TV Support

fubo tv support

Fobo Technical Support Online 24×7

There are multiple ways to contact Fubo Tv Support if any issue pertains or for any sorts of queries. Firstly we can contact them through phone calls and emails. The customer service will be available from 8 AM to 3 PM. The customer service numbers and toll-free numbers are available on the website as well. You can contact them through emails for investing or franchise-related queries, customer service, legal, and media.

How do I update my fuboTV app on my Android TV?

FuboTV app is constantly making improvements to the fubo tv support app. In order to get the most from fuboTV it’s important to keep your app updated to ensure you have access to all your favorite features and ensure a smooth streaming experience.

Follow step-by-step instructions to update the fuboTV app on your Android TV.

  • Go to the Settings menu by selecting the gear icon from the Android TV home screen.
  • Select Apps
  • Locate and select the fuboTV app.
  • If an update is available select the Update option. If no update is available there will not be an           Update option.
How do I change the Video Quality on my fubo TV app on my Android TV?

Follow step-by-step instructions given below to change the Video Quality of FuboTV app on your Android TV-

  • While watching video, press the UP button on your Android TV remote.
  • Go to the right to highlight the MORE option, and press the center/select button.
  • Select SETTINGS.
  • Select a lower quality setting from the available choices.
  • Press BACK to close the Settings menu and watch the video for a few moments to see if you              continue to observe buffering.
  • If you continue to observe buffering, repeat steps 1 – 5 choosing a lower setting each time until        you no longer experience buffering.
How do I create my FuboTV profile?

Follow the steps given below to create your FuboTV profile-

  • Open the fuboTV menu by pressing the back button on your remote.
  • Select ACCOUNT.
  • Select Add Profile.
  • To select your profile icon, select the current image then select from the choices.
  • Name your profile by pressing the center / select button on “My Profile” and typing a name using        the on-screen keyboard.
How do I edit or delete my FuboTV profile?
  • Open the fuboTV menu by pressing the back button on your remote.
  • Select ACCOUNT.
  • Select the profile you want to edit.
  • To edit your profile icon, select the current icon then select from the choices. (To edit the profile       name, press the center/select button on your profile name and type a new name using the on –         screen keyboard.)
  • Select SAVE CHANGES to finish editing, or choose DELETE PROFILE to delete the profile entirely.
  • Select DONE EDITING.
  • Select your profile to return to the menu.

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There is also a Fubo TV Help Center that’s available on their website, which will assist you in getting started, or managing your account. This even includes frequently asked questions by most customers or beginner subscribers.

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