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The Netgear Customer Support Number is +1 (844) 523 4438 which is 24*7 available. Users can easily get this service from Netgear technical support teams which is available online and resolve their issues in no time. They have highly skilled technicians with great knowledge of operating systems and networking. No need to worry if you are facing a problem with the Netgear router. You can get direct Netgear Customer Service help. Connect to the Netgear Technical Support Number +1 (844) 523 4438


Having issues with your Netgear router?

We are here to provide you with assistance and help you troubleshoot the issue you are
having with your NETGEAR device. Ask us your questions and Solve your queries!

How do I set up and install my NETGEAR router?

● Download the Nighthawk app. The Nighthawk app is the easiest way to set up your NETGEAR router.

● Attach the provided antennas (if any) and connect your modem to the Internet port on your router.

● Power on your router.

● Wait for the WiFi LED to light.

● Look on the router label for your router’s WiFi network name (SSID) and network key

● The label is on the back or bottom of your router.

● On your iOS or Android mobile device, tap Settings > Wi-Fi.

● Connect your mobile device to the network that is listed on your router’s label and enter the password.

● Launch the NETGEAR Nighthawk app on your mobile device.

● Follow the instructions in the Nighthawk app to install your router and connect to the

I’m having trouble installing my NETGEAR router; what do I do?

If you are having trouble installing your NETGEAR router with the Nighthawk app, reboot your modem and try again.

If you already connected your NETGEAR router to the modem, disconnect it. 

Reboot your modem before connecting your router.

After your modem reboots, connect your modem to the Internet port of your router with an Ethernet cable.

Try installing your NETGEAR router with the Nighthawk app again.

What should I do if I can access my NETGEAR router but can’t connect to the Internet?

If you get an “Internet not connected” error in the Nighthawk, try power-cycling your network. Your networking hardware might need to restart to establish a connection with your Internet service provider (ISP)

How do I set up my NETGEAR WiFi range extender?

To set up your extender, follow the process given below –

● Plug in your extender.

● The Power LED lights.

● If your Power LED does not light, press the Power or On/Off button.

● Connect your computer or mobile device to the extender’s WiFi network.

● The extender’s default WiFi network name (SSID) is NETGEAR_EXT. The extender network either has no password or the default password is password.

● Your device might warn you that the Internet is not available. This is to be expected. Keep the WiFi connection.

● Launch a web browser and enter mywifiext.net or

● The New Extender Setup page displays.

● Click or tap NEW EXTENDER SETUP.

● If prompted to accept terms and conditions, click or tap YES or I AGREE.

● Choose your extender’s admin credentials.

● These credentials are used to access your extender’s settings on a web browser.

● We recommend leaving the default User Name as admin and choosing a password
that is different from your WiFi network password.

● Select and answer two security questions from the drop-down menus.

● These questions are used to recover your extender’s admin credentials if you forget them.

● Click or tap NEXT.

● If your extender asks if you would like to use the NETGEAR Genie to help, click or tap YES or CONTINUE.

● Your extender searches for local WiFi networks.

● Select the radio buttons for your network’s 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi Network Names

● If you do not see your networks, click or tap See More.

● Click NEXT.

● Enter your existing network’s password and click or tap NEXT.

● Select SSIDs and passwords for your extender.

● By default, the extender uses the name of your existing network. By default, the
password for each band is the same as your existing network.

● This allows your extender to use the same WiFi name (SSID) and password as your
existing WiFi network.

● Click or tap NEXT.

● The extender applies your settings. Be patient, This can take a few minutes.

● The extender displays the WiFi network name (SSID) and password for each of your
extender’s bands. Take note of these.

● On a device that you plan to connect to the extender network, go to the WiFi settings and connect to the extender’s new network.

● Go back to your web browser, select the checkbox at the bottom of the page, and
click or tap CONTINUE.

● Your extender is now extending your network’s coverage.

How do I install my NETGEAR router using the router web interface?

To install your NETGEAR router using the router web interface, follow the process given below :-

● Using an Ethernet cable, connect your modem to the yellow Internet port on the back of your NETGEAR router.

● Connect your computer to one of the Ethernet ports on your router.

● Press the Power button on the router.

● The LEDs on the router light.

● Open a web browser and enter routerlogin.net.

● You are prompted to log in.

● Note: If you experience any Internet connection issues, try power-cycling your network. For more information, see How do I power cycle my home network?.

● Log in to the router.

● The default user name is admin. The default password is password.

● The user name and password are case-sensitive.

● Click ADVANCED > Setup Wizard.

● Select the Yes radio button and click Next.

● The router detects your Internet connection.

● You are prompted to log in.

● Enter and confirm a new admin password.

● Select and answer two security questions.

● Click Next.

● The Congratulations! page displays.

● (Optional) Click Print this to print your network settings.

● Click Next.

● The Firmware Update Assistant page displays.

● If a firmware update is not available, click OK.

● Your router is set up.

● If a firmware update is available, click Yes to update your firmware.

● The firmware updates.

● The router reboots.

● You are prompted to log in.

● Enter admin and the new password you created earlier.

● Your router is set up.

How do I change the admin password on my NETGEAR router?

To change the admin password on your NETGEAR router, follow the process given below :-

● Launch a web browser from a device that is connected to your router’s network.

● Enter www.routerlogin.net.

● A login window displays.

● Enter your user name and password.

● The default user name is admin. The password is the one that you specified the first
time that you logged in. The user name and password are case-sensitive.

● The BASIC Home page or Dashboard displays.

● Select ADVANCED > Administration > Set Password.

● For Nighthawk Pro Gaming routers, select Settings > Administration > Set Password.

● Type your current password and type the new password twice.

● To have the ability to recover your password in the future, select Enable Password

● Note: If you do not enable password recovery and you forget or lose your password,
you must complete a factory reset and set up the router again.

● Click Apply.

● Your settings are saved.

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